Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Ledgend of Bigfoot

After we fought back the tears from driving out of Portland, we set out for California. We had to take a minor detour through Eugene, OR, but other than that we got to Cali pretty smoothly. Once again the landscapes were breathtaking. We wound through the mountains of northern Cali and entered into Redwood territory. My nickname when I was a kid was Randi of the Redwoods so I was getting pretty excited. We descended from the mountains after driving though one, and stopped to watch the sunset on the Pacific Ocean in Cresent City, CA. We hadn’t made it to any of our destinations before dark, and this day was no different. After seeing a few campgrounds that were pretty sketch in people’s backyards and seemed like they would chainsaw us in the middle of the night. We finally found a campground in the redwoods state park and set up for the night. We cuddled up in our two person tent read bedtime stories and crashed. We must have needed some good fresh air mountain sleep because we slept until 9am!! Shocking! We packed it up in the morning and set out for a day in the redwoods.

See updated pictures here.

The time we spent in the woods was the most fun we have had in the parks so far. We would drive a little ways, then see a cool spot and get out and run around, drive some more, run around some more. This went on probably five times or so, we just couldn't get enough of the massive trees. In one spot we even drove our car "Whitey" through a tree. We felt so small and so at home in the never ending forests. Once we made it back into the car for good we were on our way to San Fran. The Napa Vally was stunning and our spirits were high, those redwood trees drugged us. We car danced all the way to the city listening to Fergie, Rihanna, MIA and the Strokes . Our lovely GPS brought us thru the city so we crossed the Golden Gate and finally made it into Alemeda which is right across the bay. Maureen has the cutest house right on the bay , and gave us her spare room and cooked us chicken for dinner. We were grateful to be here.

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