Monday, May 4, 2009

"Good night you are safe and sound"

Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota 

Stopped in Sparta ! Wisconsin for lunch cutest little mom and pop restaurant decked out with art deco and the freshest homemade of breads. Not much else in Sparta but supposedly it's 'the bike capital of the world' ( I saw one dude on a bike , but it was Sunday) Crossed the Mississippi thru Minnesota flat and pretty boring , but the closer we got to South Dakota the more beautiful it became, rolling hills , pastures, windmills. We stopped at the Corn Palace , in Mitchell South Dakota, it's a palace! made out of corn. Inside is a giant auditorium. It's supposedly update with fresh corn annually
Let me just say , when it comes to driving me and Randi are bad ass! We kept on driving goal was to make it to Kadoka , South Dakota, right outside the 'badlands.' About 6 miles outside the town, we got a full blown tire. AS I was reading Randi care bear bedtime stories , BOOM! It was a bit frightening, to our good karma a state trooper drove buy and switched it for us, WE love you state trooper Jason! So here we are in Kadoka, town with a population of 800 people, about to get a new tire and head to the" badlands! "I'm not gonna lie, it's kinda spooky out here.

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