Thursday, May 21, 2009

Give me serenity Sedona

The drive through the valley from Flagstaff to Sedona is gorgeous. The red rocks are such a sight, grande buttes and flattop mesas carved in sandstone. Some lucky folks have built these fabulous houses high into these rocks. Our campground was a few miles outside the downtown area, a cute family spot with a stream running through it. It was hot, so we set up camp, and ran for the stream to sun bathe and cool off! After a few hours of playing in the stream we set out for food. The local coop had a salad bar, and we made ourselves giant salads! We spent the rest of the day wandering the city, it's not much of a city, a lot of dinky shops and tourists. That night we visited the vortexes for sunset, which are energy spots located around Sedona. Randi wanted to show off her cooking skills on the campfire so she bought corn, potatoes, and fresh veggies making up a delicious dinner under the big starry sky. 
Day two in Sedona we visited the town of Jerome , which was about an hour away. It's a mile high little hippie town that feels it doesn't belongs to the USA. The town is built on a giant hillside with tiny cobblestone roads running through it. That night we checked out another vortex at Cathedral Rock, but it was too buggy to get to the top so we just enjoyed the view from the base. Then we decided to give Whitey, our car, a much needed bath and cleaned him out so we could prepare for our journey back east. We cooked ourselves another campfire dinner and fell asleep to the sounds of the creek. 

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