Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3 hours, 2 cars, and a moose

Where to begin? We've seen so much in the last two days.  Monday we went to the "bad lands",  which we renamed the "good lands" because the gods were so good to us!  The weather was perfect and it didn't start to rain until the minute we got back in our car. We went for a great hike up to these giant peaks that look like underwater coral and than we took this loop called "medicine trail" Indescribable, see pictures. 
We hit the road again and drove through beautiful Wyoming.  Fairly uneventful , but breathtaking. Our goal for the night was to make it to Yellowstone to camp, but that park was farther than we thought. We passed through the town of Sheridan WY centered in the Bighorn National Forest. Our car began to climb the curvy mountain and we began to see snow. About an hour plus into it we were still going up and decided it'd be best to stay at the next motel we saw. Another hour and a half we were off the mountain. Finally a town , we passed the sign for Shelly and the sign read : POPULATION : 50! (Yes it was actually on the map.) We drove a little further to Greybull and pulled into the Yellowstone Motel and woke up the owner and had the best crash ever!

The next morning we headed to Yellowstone, outside the park it beautiful high  40's. Once inside the snow came back! Piled 5 to 6 feet tall, it hailed and rained a lot of the drive. It took about 2 and 1/2 hours to trudge through the park , got to see buffalo and female elk and one white swan ! It was pretty incredible, despite the weather, these buffalo we're walking down the road beside our vehicle , no biggie! Boy did it stink there, the hotsprings give off this sulfer that smells like rotten eggs. 

OKay! So from there to Boise , ID to stay with Maggie and John ! On the way there tire #2 gave out on us !  ( yes this is the second one). In Rupert, ID a cowboy came out to fix it for us. And off we were again, We decided that's gonna be the end of our bad tire karma, not that we weren't happy to support the locals , but enough ! We made it to Boise around 10 pm , Maggie had cooked us a fabulous dinner ! Shout out to Maggie and John for being the best ! Today , we hit the road for an only 6 hour trip to Portland, Oregon! 

Bags of cherry twizzlers $2.79
Night at "Yellowstone Motel"$ 69.59
Set of new tires $149
Having a cowboy tell you he's not brave enough to 
move 5 miles from where he was born ..

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