Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Cafe Gratitude" and that city we are in.

The first day we spent in San Francisco, well, actually Alameda, we decided we needed a day of rest since we have been going non stop. We slept in, did some yoga, and laid in the sun for a bit. That night we went out to whole foods for produce, they tried to charge us 11 bucks for a few cherries, and we decided we don't really like Whole Foods, farm stands are where it's at. But we were able to discover Cafe Gratitude, they had a stand in the whole foods and decided we must go looking for it in the city the next day.
We walked in over 10 miles throughout the day... literally, I google mapped it to check. By walking so far we really got to see the city and there are a lot of hills so we got a good workout too. Speaking of working out, people go crazy over running out here. I mean people run everywhere, no really EVERYBODY runs out here. It became a little much and made it hard to walk in some places without getting stampeded. We made it to Golden Gate Park and then found our little haven for lunch. Cafe Gratitude, is a macrobiotic restaurant basically dedicated to gratitude, for food, self, and love. Each item on the menu is a affirmation so that when you order you must say: " I am _" we enjoyed the macro bowls Randi had the "I am honorable" and Sammy had the "I am whole" we had a beautiful lunch but it was much more than lunch. We are big fans.

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