Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fresh Produce in Fresno

After San Fran, we headed for Yosemite National Park. Once again to was beautiful and unlike any of the other places we have been. They are famous for having huge granite rocks, that hard core climbers like to climb. We saw a few waaay up on a rock called El Capitan which is 3000 ft tall, and wished we could do it too. They are also famous for having massive waterfalls. We went to the bottom of Bridalveil Fall which comes crashing from 620 ft. This is not even close to the biggest fall in the park but it is by far the largest i have ever seen. It sounded like thunder cracking at times. We walked towards the base of it but couldn't get too close because it was peak flow season and we were getting soaked.
We got to Fresno and stayed with Barbara in her coop housing complex where they live "Green." Everyone kept asking us why we were going to Fresno, the only thing that is there is a lot of fresh fruit. Well it just so happens that we love fresh fruit, and when we got to Fresno Barbara happened to make us a bowl of fresh fruit salad. The quickest way to a girls heart is with a fresh fruit salad!! We soaked in the hot tub and slept like babies. Luckily we had laundry to do in the morning, so we were forced to relax by the pool for half the day and take in some delicious vitamin D. We drove for the rest of the day as far as we could go and made it to Kingman, AZ.

Grand Canyon
Walking up to the Grand Canyon was like seeing the galaxy. We just walked out of the main lodge and weren't expecting it to be right there, but there is was, it stopped our breathe and brought Sam to tears. Everyone was telling us it was possible to hike in and out of the in a day, but we didn't make it there until noon. We decided to go as far as we can and still get back by dark safely. Going down wasn't too bad, except for all the mules we kept passing that left the trails a bit smelly. We made it about halfway down the canyon in 2 1/2 hours to Indian Gardens (4.5 miles of trail) It got pretty hot, close to 100, so things got pretty challenging but it felt good getting dirty and exploring. The hike back up took a bit longer but it was nice to take our time and soak in the views of the sun starting to set. We met a park ranger, Courtney on the way up and she was nearing the end of her shift so she walked out of the canyon with us. We pried her for a lot of facts about the area and the canyon. She hikes the canyon daily, in polyester, with a 40lb pack, she is pretty bad ass. We mad up to the top just as the sun set and decided we wanted to get a head start for the next day and and get away from all the bloody tourists. So we drove to Flagstaff got a good meal and a good rest in the Days inn.

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