Friday, April 24, 2009

Bearspray the Musical

So I went home to Michigan for a weekend visit and got lots of goodies for the trip. I talked to my Dad a lot about it and he gave me lots of tips for the road (He drove out to Wyoming and Montana a few years ago.) He gave me a bear net so I can hide all of out food and other smelly things up in a tree. He kind of freaked me out a little about the whole bear thing. Apparently they will go after deodorant, food, whatever, AND if they are really provoked they can get inside your car and eat you. So lets just say I'm good and aware now, and will watch out for Yogi in the woods. My Dad also gave me a water filter, backpacking stove, and all the kitchen supplies we will need if we get to backpack down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I also got my backpack and sleeping bags, and tent, so I think we are all set for the outdoor stuff. Oh, other than the Bear spray my Dad wants me to get before we are in Yellowstone (couldn't take that back on the plane).

With only a week left to prepare, our page long to do list is getting smaller. It is going to be hard to concentrate on it this weekend because it is going to be 85 and I plan on being outside the entire time. The last big thing we have to worry about is preparing to eat on the road. We want to only eat out once a day at the most, so we will be doing lots of shopping before we go.

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